20 Incredible Closet System, According to Architects and Interior Designer

Unless you are minimalistic, people are more likely fall on hard times arranging their closet to be as effective as possible. There’s always more pieces to store, but it seems like there’s never enough room available for your clothes. This case is not only happening in small wardrobes as many small condos and apartment offer, but also large storage system. In the latter case, the problem is mostly because of lack of efficiency and effectivity for the closet to appear at its best.

Luckily, you have the chance of turning your messy wardrobe into an essential storage system using the correct ideas from the Architects. We remember all the practical models offered by more than 300 firms are getting stronger, and following their recommendation is by far your best bet to start building effective closet system ever.

To give you the insight look, here are top closet system designers to be incorporated in your crib.

Porro Closet

If you’re flaunting your closet collection, then Porro has everything you need to offer. They come with a vast array of design, especially hardware materials in various coatings, but the glass door closets are most favored ones. The transparency makes the closet system pretty versatile, but you need to make sure to display everything in order since they will be clearly visible.

Rakks Closet

One day, a closet system is all about hardwood or well-constructed metal to give the impression of luxury. Unfortunately, that is less affordable and complicated even to begin with. Rakks closet is giving you way better storage solution with their aluminum-constructed repository that is pocket-friendly and versatile. On top of that, Rakks also offers a modern-day pretty closet system that’s open to modification.

Elfa Closet

For those who are a fan of a large closet, Elfa makes incredibly flexible storage, thanks to their premium quality of straightforward design. Containers and drawers mostly dominate the system with open space storage that clears out your view in a most effective way. Easily dressed up with embellishment, Elfa closet is highly versatile.

Häfele Closet

Initially, Häfele only builds hardware. However, this German-based company also delivers pretty closet system ideas with customizable storage in a match with the clients’ requirements. Their custom wardrobe usually features foldouts ironing board, pull-down clothes poles, and jewelry drawers.

Henrybuilt Closet

Look at the top choice of NYC architect Jack Wettling for his closet; the Henrybuilt. It looks strong by appearance and is carrying the high-quality as one of the best American customizable closet systems. Also known for its highly functional closet, as Henrybuilt is equipped with integrated electric outlets, leather-lined cabinets, and covert washing containers. You’ll find yourself conveniently storing watches and ties and everything on its strategically-placed drawers.

Boffi Closet

This time, we’re going for a large closet system from Boffi, an Italian-based firm which carefully makes exceptionally incredible storage solutions. The designer Nicole Hollis points explicitly out its smooth cutting-edged doors that make an excellent clearance for any presence. Thanks to its simple design, Boffi seems to be compatible with any room interior. Below photo is showing how you can store your clothes in a much simpler view.

Ordinary English

It’s open, airy, and playful to decorate with; the ordinary English closet system is perfect for small to medium storage. Plain English, the Brit-based maker always brings out its power in custom interior storage for years that match with any room requirements. Among their standard look is plain white wardrobe full of drawers and plenty of shelves to put your ironed shirts.

Lema Closet

Among many other closet-making firms, Lema closet is probably the best to bring the minimalist style out of your room. Their design is known for the smooth quality in sophisticated design but not too much. You’ll find abundant options of closets with sliding doors to reduce traffic in a minimalist bedroom. On the set below is a picture of Liscia, a modern closet with metal doors and melamine body coated in grey; if you want more reference, their site is the best place to go.

Poliform Closet

Another pretty closet system is coming from Poliform, an Italian-based manufacturer known for their ability to deliver customizable storage for your house. They have such versatile design to match with your expectation, high-end quality, and extremely functional. Most of their custom closets are made of woods and metal, whether you opt for drawer-packed or one with metal hangers; either way, Poliform still made an excellent choice for the modern closet.

Ikea Pax

This reputable company gives you abundant options for effective closet system storage, also favored by many interior designers and architects. They have everything you need from the custom wardrobe, modern minimalistic, and clean-cut finishes for any storage purposes.

10 Walk-In Closet System Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious room, turning it into a walk-in closet would be the best idea of having a large storage system. They’re coming with limitless possibilities of ideas and how to make them fully functional with hangers and drawers and shelves and everything. Draw the inspiration from the designs picked by Architect below.

ikea pax system used for a walk-in closet


floor to ceiling window make any walk in closet look gorgeous


bold looking closet in dark tones


bold looking closet in dark tones


modern all-white walk-in closet with a basic gray ikea Alhede rug
spacious walk-in closet with a dresser in a middle
very well organized walk-in closet with white cabinets and storage units
Walk in closet created by IKEA Stolmen system


corner walk-in wardrobe design
ikea malm and hanging shelves for a simple and stylish walk-in closet

Significantly lacking from our checklist? California Wardrobes, which hasn’t already obtained endorsement from the participants of our directory. Claims SF architect Bonnie Bridges, “We have actually aimed to such as The golden state Closets – they have a lot of display rooms and clients fit with the idea of utilizing them – however the high quality leaves a great deal to be desired.” As well as engineer Alper likes Elfa, revealed over, for being flexible “in the way that California Storage rooms are not.”

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